Carol Ann DeSimine

What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been

I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would become an entrepreneur, empowering other women to be creatively self-expressed. Yet here I am.

Call it destiny, a calling, my soul’s purpose…it’s all that and more.

What led me here was a long road of twists and turns, joys and challenges, and lots of opportunities and adventures along the way.

Collectively, it’s called wisdom.

My entrepreneurial path started in 2006 serving small business owners from my multitude of passions, ranging from graphic design to photography to publishing. Combined with an M.A. in Public Relations, many years of teaching, and a career in publishing books and curriculum in creative problem solving, I realized I needed to combine my gifts into a package that could benefit others.

I did just that in 2014, when I created my first online program, The Sizzle System of Personal Branding, to leverage my worth and serve more people with what I know as opposed to what I do.

Turns out I created another J.O.B. for myself because clients still wanted me to design their logos and update their websites. I knew there had to be more…

I searched long and hard to see what was true for me… and then the strangest thing started to happen…

My Timeline & Experience

I am a teacher. I designed curriculum and taught for 10 years as an adjunct university professor, now I mentor women

I am a writer. For 20+ years, I published books for an international creative problem-solving educational program

I am an award-winning editor, photographer, and designer, with a master's degree in public relations, which is all about image.

I am a Human Design reader. HD helped me to identify my true Goddess Gifts. I now incorporate it into my coaching.

I am a creator of processes and systems. I created a 90-day book plan, brand plan, and 30 day content creation plan to simplify and align t.

I'm a publishing mentor and developed my own 'concept to completion' book-writing process, Just Do It Write Now

In all the things I've done, and in all the experiences I've had, they all led back to books, writing and publishing. I claim that as my Zone of Genius but take it one step further: It's my Zone of Purpose.

When I started working with Carol Ann I was looking at a pile of loose ends and needed some clarity as to how to bring it all together into a beautiful presentation to the world.

Carol Ann asked all the right questions about the decisions I needed to make. She heard my heart’s call and was able to keep it within all my offerings and how I spoke about them.

I am now super clear about who my people are and how to reach them, what problems they have and the golden nuggets they are craving.

Carol Ann helped me name my year-long program; she nailed it: The Angels of Abundance Ascension Academy captures exactly what I do.

What I liked about working with Carol Ann is her honesty and her no-fuss approach. She is very clear with her spoken words and she is great with the written word. Her wealth of knowledge about an online business is extremely helpful…

And, I’m happy to say that during our time together, I was back to making 6 figures for the first time in years…

I would recommend working with Carol Ann if you are looking for clarity and simplicity. She will pare the pile of loose ends down to a beautiful simple idea that fits you perfectly and people will buy it.

Jennifer Ruth Russell

Angels of Abundance Ascension Academy

Goddess Unleashed!

I felt in my heart that ‘branding’ was limiting how I was serving my clients. I knew I had a greater role here on Earth and I struggled to find it.

My purpose revealed itself when I started to attract women who were in a similar situation. They were reaching out and saying, “Carol Ann, I’m doing (fill in the blank) but it’s not enough. I know there’s something more.”

My Superpower is Vision, I have the uncanny ability to see the ‘gap’ of what’s missing — my intuition told me to “release and reset” everything I had been doing around branding and make it my mission to empower women to stop playing small and to overcome their fears, and to SHIFT into a powerful mindset where they could BE, DO and HAVE what they are designed for.

I rebranded to align.believe.create on-purpose coaching, to align with my philosophy of Align with Your Passion, Believe in Your Power, Create on Purpose, and I ditched the done for you and devoted myself to a pure coaching model… but then…

Women started asking me to help them write and publish books, so I did. And as I continued to coach them in business I made another profound discovery….

I saw the special needs of women over age 50, and how we are in a much different head space than our younger counterparts who are still climbing the proverbial ladder. We are at the top of that ladder where we don’t need hand-holding, just leadership. So I decided to dedicate myself to meeting those needs, and Goddess55 was born!

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